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Memory loss is one of the early signs of Dementia

Dementia is not always obvious.
Find out more about the early stages of dementia

Screening Tool

Find out more about how the GPCOG screening tool might help you make an early diagnosis.


Download helpsheets from the Dementia Australia website that could be invaluable in helping your patients plan their future.

and CPD

Educational resources for GPs, Pharmacists, patients and carers, including certified CPD modules.

Dr Henry Brodaty
The benefits of early detection

Dr Henry Brodaty, Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health, Co-Director of the Centre for Healthy Brain Aging (UNSW), Director of the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre (UNSW), and Consultant Psychogeriatrician discusses the benefits of the early diagnosis of dementia for patients and their carers.

Healthcare professionals – whether in the community or in specialist care settings – are crucial in the early detection of dementia, helping to facilitate early intervention and better patient outcomes.

This site provides a wide range of resources and tools to help detect and manage dementia at the early stages.

For GPs, there’s the GPCOG, a screening tool specially designed for use in general practice,1 as well as educational resources targeted at community healthcare.

For pharmacists, there are tailored educational resources to assist with early intervention, as well as patient-focused materials in our Managing Dementia section.

By detecting dementia early, we can assist people with dementia – and their carers – to plan ahead and make crucial decisions about the future.

improved cognition,
practical information,
enhanced quality of life.

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